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Jean Cockburn retired from her professional career as an academic librarian in 2008 to become a textile artist living on Denman Island, British Columbia. She draws, quilts, embroiders, knits and crochets, makes wearable art, weaves baskets, dyes fabric, and paints watercolours. Her work has been exhibited locally in juried and group shows on Denman Island, in Courtenay, Comox, and Duncan on Vancouver Island, in West Vancouver, and across Canada with the Surface Design Association.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person to do!
Today I got up at 7 am, and then, after showering and eating breakfast I made notes and a colour wheel in the book of gessoed art papers that I have created to contain notes on colour theory for my art class.
The morning light was amazingly beautiful on a very calm mirror-like see, so I took a couple of photos as inspiration for my water motif works in progress.

By 8:15 I was in the studio writing with a nib pen and India ink on the gessoed pages from old books that I plan on using for my art quilt for submission to the upcoming Surface Design Association show, Transgressing Traditions. The submission deadline is March 4 and I am just starting my piece. We will see if I get it done in time :-)
Then I put a length of white cotton into a blue dye bath so that I can make the sky in the "Reflections in a Rocky Pool" quilt.
I cut 64 strips, 2 " wide, to make two more bargello pieced lengths for my "Ocean Currents" quilt. Well, I cut all but 12 of the strips, because I had to get back to the house to pack my lunch for my day's activities.
By 10 am I was at the local school for an all day tai chi workshop. We were booked for 10 to 4, with a lunch break, but I left after the 3 pm break as my right foot was starting to cramp.
When I got home I popped back into the studio to rinse out my blue fabric, plan the layout for the SDA quilt, cut the last 12 strips, tidy up a bit, and iron some fabric.
Tomorrow I have to move some projects along, and then clean up and vacate the studio while my brother comes to stay for a week and enjoy the amazing phenomenon of the annual herring spawn and all the associated bird and marine life.

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