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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Houses Quilt bound and finished!

I finished the Houses quilt! I did not realize that it is blue quilt, until I saw it all finished and being held up for a photo. But that is all right, because I am all about blue as my favourite colour. I think that blue will keep being dominant in my work, even when it is unintentional, as with this project. It has been machine washed and dried, so it has that nicely rumpled look of a real, used and loved quilt.

Here it is, being held up by my husband on our chilly deck with the beach in the background. I just found a fun hashtag on Instagram, #husbandsholdingquilts, so his one finger (upper right) is on social media.
I really like the binding, which is all done by machine.
Detail of the front of the binding. The striped fabric is the "piping".
Not so great picture of the binding edge. It looks wavier in this photo that it actually is.

The binding on the back of the quilt.
This binding technique was taught in a workshop, "Finishing Quilts: More Than Straight Edges",  by Ionne McCauley.  Basically, using two different fabrics, you seam a 1 1/2 inch strip to a 2 inch strip, press to the narrower strip, then fold in half and press, for a double bold binding of 1 1/2 inch width, with a 1/4 inch edge that looks like piping. You sew the binding to the wrong side of the quilt, then flip to the front, mitering the corners and stitching in the ditch. I found an online tutorial, called "Susie's Magic Binding" at http://www.52quilts.com/2012/05/tuesday-tutorial-susies-magic-binding.html .

I did not like the "piping" edge as a flap, so I then edge stitched again along that edge. As my border strip was dark brown, and the binding was dark brown, I got this neat effect with the striped piping edge echoing the brown and white fence in the quilt top. I love how it worked out.

The quilt will be going to the Denman Community Land Trust Association at the end of this month.

I used the lovely patterns in "Q is for Quilt" by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes, to make the quilt.

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