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Monday, May 19, 2014

Working on nephew's wedding quilt

I made the top for my nephew's wedding quilt at our March Thetis Island quilting retreat. It is a version of Charlotte Sometimes, a design by Sarah Fielke in Material Obesssion 2. The basic pattern is Burgoyne Surrounded. My nephew loves history, so I think this will intrigue him, and the backing is a number pattern fabric from Ikea, which is also appropriate as he is a mathematics teacher.

The wedding is at the end of June, so it is time to get quilting.

It is a large quilt, about 80 by 80 inches I think, so I had a challenging time manoeuvring it as I machine quilted today. However, I managed to stitch in the ditch on the main lines outlining each large block, and started the diagonal lines through the centre of the blocks. After I finished the stitch in the ditch, I serged all around the outside of the quilt, which eliminated the extra annoying batting and backing fabric. I have had bad experiences in the past of accidentally catching that extra fabric in my quilting, and the subsequent unpicking is really not fun. Thus the diagonal quilting was already easier to manage.

I was at the Cumberland Quilt Show on Sunday, and picked up some Superior threads. I am using Bottom Line in the bobbin, light grey, and So Fine on top, dark grey colour. Fantastic thread, in that one bobbin is just lasting and lasting, it is so fine. No tension problems, no breakage, no thread build up, no lint- all that is fantastic. However, I think that the polyester thread stretches a bit, so that is a bit different. But overall, this quilting is going really well, and I think a lot of that is due to the excellent thread.

The serged outer edges of the quilt prior to starting the diagonal quilting lines.

This shows the main sashing lines that have been stitched in the ditch.

Starting the diagonal quilting lines.

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