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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quilting workshop with Barb Mortell: Half square triangles and colour values

Yesterday we had a great workshop with Barb Mortell. We learned how to make accurate half square triangles more than one at a time, and about the importance of value versus actual colour. And about glowing versus dull when working with the same values. Really interesting stuff!

This is what I produced. I know, I know - it does not look that impressive. That is because the grays are numbers 1 to 3 above, so that I was using neutrals of different values.  The purples are two mediums of which one is dull and one bright - number 4. I need to do the rest as "homework".

So it may not look like much, but I really learned a lot about making accurate half square triangles - add 1 1/4 inches to the finished size (thus for 2 inch finished, use 3 1/4 inch size), mark onto the lighter fabric in an oblong (not a square, tried it, does not work), draw a fish with diagonal lines, press together with second fabric right sides together, sew seams starting at tail of the fish - two continuous seams will do it. Cut apart, press, and then trim carefully. Lots of trimming is rather tedious, but it results in fabulous results.

List of links that Barb emailed to us after the class:

Hi,For those of you interested… here are some links to quilters making triangle quilts.
Cheers, Barb

Diamonds, lone star block



Bias strip method

another bias strip method

PDF, printable. Bias strip method, a little different than above.

Half Rectangles

Quarter Square triangles

Long leg triangles

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