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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Last pieced border of block #9 done for Soupçon QAL Part 4

Hurrah, I finished the last pieced border today! Just in time for Part 5 to be released tomorrow.

My last block with a pieced border, for Part 4. Yowza!
This year I have decided that I do not want a scrap box filling up, nor can I bear to throw away useable pieces of fabric. Hence my hexagons that I keep making. As a result of all the strips for frames and inset squares that were cut for Part 4 of the Soupçon project, I had a pile of scraps that were too small for hexagons but easy to put together and were more or less of a colour palette. I spent the rest of the day sewing scraps together, just going for it, with my only decision to try not to put the same fabric next to itself in a major way.

The scrap top made from strips from various recent projects. I will make it bigger still, so that it can be a lap quilt. Of course there will be more scraps coming on, there always are.

Detail. Recognize some fabrics from recent blog posts?

Using the scraps from1 inch strips makes for great effects.
I should have taken a before picture. This is the after pic of my scrap pile, showing there are still big scraps to cut up for hexies. Note that the garbage consists only of bitty bits.

Remaining scraps.

Garbage pail at the end of the day.

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