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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ribbons of Rosebuds Socks

I am still knitting up my stash of sock yarns from Sock Summit 2011 in Portland last summer. This pair of socks is Handmaiden Yarn Casbah sock yarn. Specs for this lovely yarn: 81% Superwash Merino, 10% Nylon, 9% Cashmere; 325metres length in a 115 gram hank. Recommended needle 3 mm, but I would find this would make too loose a fabric for socks.
I knit my socks on 5 double pointed HiyaHiya steel 2.5mm needles. I love these double points, and find that I never use my old aluminum ones any more, as they are too slow and flexible. The stiff smooth steel needles are fast and very responsive. Sounds like I am talking about a car :-)I originally was carrying on with my project to knit all of the socks in Cookie A.'s book Knit. Sock. Love. This was meant to be Mona, but I found that the variegated yarn and the lace pattern was too busy. I was in Paris at the time that I decided to frog back to the twisted rib, so I knit some plain stocking stitch, decided that I needed some kind of pattern, and improvised my own. I am quite proud of it, and I call it "Ribbon of Rosebuds". As Elizabeth Zimmerman says in Knitting Without Tears (the very best knitting book ever!) everything in knitting has been done before sometime, somewhere in the past 5000+ years of knitting history, so in her words, I "unvented" rather than invented this pattern. But it still came out of my own head.I posted the pattern to Ravelry yesterday, and overnight had more than 50 downloads. Now let us see if anyone actually knits the socks. Here is the link to the pattern, and pictures.

The socks in action.
This picture better reflects the dark rich ruby colour of the yarn.
These top down socks are knit with a classic heel flap, which fits very nicely.
Here is my unvented Ribbon of Rosebuds pattern stitch.
The triangular toe is decreased in 3 places on every row to 3 stitches, and then drawn together to finish. This is the top instep triangle. Unfortunately in ends in a nipple which may disappear with wear, but is initially unattractive.
Another view of the tip of the toe, topside.
The toe from the bottom, with the decreases centred underneath the toe.

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