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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ruffle top socks

There is a PDF of this pattern at http://tinyurl.com/3dbp4om   .

Ruffle socks from the toe up.
Use a long 2.5 mm circular needle to knit using magic loop method. 
Cast on at the toe
Figure eight cast on of 12 stitches on each needle (24 total).
Knit one round even.
Increase round adds 4 stitches. On each needle - K1, M1, knit to last stitch, M1, K1. 
Repeat these two rounds until total stitch number is 56, with 28 on each needle. The toe is now complete.
Knit the foot
Begin knitting a lace or cable pattern if desired. Knit the pattern only on the 28 stitches for the top of the sock. Leave the sole of the sock smooth.
{Monkey lace pattern on 28 sts of instep over 11 rows:
Row one   K2, P4, K16, P4, K2
Row two   K2, P8, K8, P8, K2
Row three   K2, P7, K2together, K3, yarn over twice, K3, slip slip knit, P7, K2
Row four   K2, P7, K5, knit one through back of loop, K4, P7, K2
Row five  K2, P6, K2tog, K3, yo, K2, yo, K3, ssk, P6, K2
Row six  K2, P6,  K12, P6, K2
Row seven   K2, P5, K2tog, K3, yo, K4, yo, K3, ssk, P5, K2
Row eight   K2, P5, K14, P5, K2
Row nine  K2, P4, K2tog, K3, yo, K6, yo, K3, ssk, P4, K2
Row ten  K2, P4, K16, P4, K2
Row eleven   K2, P4, K16, P4, K2}
Knit to 2 inches shorter than foot size, thus for a size 9 foot knit until the sock measures 7 or 7 ½ inches from the start of the toe.
Knit the heel gusset
Increase round on the sole stitches, K1, M1, knit to last stitch, M1, K1. Knit the top stitches without increases maintaining any pattern.
Knit one round even.
Repeat these two rounds until there are 52 stitches on the sole of the sock. Work across the top stitches.
Turn the heel
Knit back and forth only on the sole stitches to turn the heel.
Row 1  K29, K2 together through back of loops, K1, turn.
Row 2  Slip 1 purlwise, P7, P2 together, P1, turn.
Row 3  Slip 1 purlwise, K8, K2 together through back of loops, K1, turn.
Row 4  Slip 1 purlwise, P9, P2 together, P1, turn.
Row 5  Slip 1 purlwise, K10, K2 together through back of loops, K1, turn.
Row 6  Slip 1 purlwise, P11, P2 together, P1, turn.
Continue in this manner until there are again 28 sole stitches.
Knit the ankle of the sock
Resume knitting in the round. Maintain any pattern and use it all around the ankle if you wish. Continue until the ankle is two inches shorter than desired.
Change colours and knit one round, then knit 20 rounds of K1, P1 rib.
Ruffle Bind-Off over 7 rows
Row one  Knit one round.
Row two  Purl twice into each stitch all around (112 sts).
Row three  Purl one round.
Row four  Purl one, yo to make 1 all around (224 sts).
Rows five and six  Purl two rounds.
Row seven  Cast off purl wise, fasten yarn and weave in ends.

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